Focussed on Sustainability and Biodiversity

We are a passionate group of people who are conscious of the need to be active participants in the protection of our natural taonga.

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Get more traps on the ground - fast

Why we make traps

National Traps is a division of National Springs, born from a desire to contribute in a meaningful way to the conservation of New Zealand’s delicate ecosystem. To this end, we have been supplying traps across New Zealand since 2010 to help Kiwis in their efforts to eradicate introduced predators. Allowing more of our native birds to safely re-enter the spaces they were once forced to flee.

We truly believe that the work we do is playing an important role in helping to rebuild New Zealand’s unique biodiversity.

We fully support the Predator Free 2050 initiative.


Eradication Project

Miramar Peninsula Eradication Project

Helping Wellington in their quest to Becoming the First Predator Free Capitol

Predator Free Miramar Peninsula is the first stage of the Wellington City predator free plan. With the peninsula having already successfully eradicated possums, the focus is now on rats.

Backyard trapping has successfully helped to suppress the rat population. The eradication project now includes a combination of methodically spaced bait stations and traps across the peninsula that are checked weekly to remove all remaining rats.

National Traps is proud to be a part of the Predator Free Miramar Peninsula project, supplying the traps that are necessary to support the team in their efforts to make Wellington a safe place for native animals such as tūī, kākā, kākāriki, kererū, geckos and more.

Committed to a More Sustainable New Zealand

An environmentally focussed team

An Environmentally Focused Team

Led by General Manager Mike Baird, our team is constantly working towards improving our impact on the environment by taking actionable steps to reduce our footprint.

Some of the steps we have taken include:

  • Solar panels on the roof of our factory
  • All LED lighting throughout our facility
  • Electric fork hoist and stock picker
  • Using rainwater to feed our toilets
  • A thorough recycling initiative, allowing us to recycle up to 75% of our waste
  • All our packaging is fully recyclable

We are always looking for ways to improve.

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