Together we can make New Zealand predator free

Here at National Traps, we don’t just make traps, we are passionate about providing New Zealanders with the tools they need to restore Aotearoa to a place where our native wildlife can flourish.

Corin Walker Bain @ a great backyard

Why making New Zealand Predator Free matters

We are lucky to share New Zealand with some amazing wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Because New Zealand is isolated from the rest of the world, our birds, insects and reptiles evolved without the threat of mammalian predators. This means that they are especially vulnerable to introduced predators.  As a result, thousands of our native species are now at risk. And many are on the verge of extinction.

The three predators that have been identified as the biggest threats to our declining biodiversity are stoats, rats and possums. This huge impact is the reason why they are targeted for complete eradication by the Predator Free 2050 initiative, to protect our native animals and improve ecological diversity.


Get involved

Learn more about the Predator Free 2050 movement and what steps you can take to contribute to ensuring New Zealand’s cultural, economic and natural resources are protected through the preservation and restoration of our unique ecosystem.

Let’s all work together to leave behind a legacy we can be proud of for future generations of New Zealanders, and the world, as they watch our land recover and thrive.

Corin Walker Bain @ a great backyard

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