Affordable DOC 200 Trap Alternative

Affordable DOC 200 Trap Alternative

Used extensively throughout New Zealand, the BT 200 trap is a high-quality, stronger and lightweight alternative to the DOC 200 Trap.  The BT200 builds on the capability of the DOC 200 with upgraded materials – ideal for the control of rats, stoats, and hedgehogs.

The predator problem

Due to its isolation, Aotearoa New Zealand is home to a large number of unique species of birds, lizards, frogs, and plant life. Their natural predators of these native species include introduced animals such as rats and stoats.

The BT 200 trap is the ideal predator trap to help eradicate pests that are negatively impacting our native flora and fauna.

BT 200 Trap - the DOC 200 Trap alternative

The Department of Conservation (DOC) created the DOC 200 Trap with the express aim of combating some of the most predatory species in our bush and wildlife areas. It was largely developed for the humane killing of stoats, but its size makes it an ideal trap to control rats and hedgehogs as well.

Achieving a 100% pass and a Class A rating for the humane control of stoats and rats, according to the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) guideline (2011), the BT 200 has been proven humane and effective in its operation.

The BT 200 Trap is a stronger,  lighter and more affordable alternative to the DOC 200 Trap which is used extensively throughout New Zealand for the control of stoats, different types of rats, and hedgehogs.

Features of the BT 200 Trap

As an alternative to the DOC 200 Trap, the BT 200 has the similar basic features but has built on the DOC 200’s capability with upgraded materials.

The BT 200 has two options:

  • The BT200SS stoat and rat trap is manufactured completely from stainless steel which makes it ideal for coastal conditions where salt water spray and sandy soils may corrode other materials.
  • The BT200CB stoat and rat trap is manufactured from a combination of stainless steel and zinc-plated steel. This gives it a strength and dependability that makes it ideal for backyard trapping conditions.

Features of the trap include:

  • Prior to dispatch, each trap is individually calibrated and tested. This means every trap has the correct weight triggering for its target species.
  • The traps must be used with a safety bar feature which makes for easier, and more importantly, safer baiting and setting. (Sold separately)
  • The BT 200 Trap is not acid-dipped but, for the sake of a more sustainable New Zealand, is manufactured using sustainable glass-bead blasting instead.

When in operation, the traps need to be placed in plastic or wooden boxes to minimise the risk of capturing native birds or pets – the trap is ideally suited to be used in the Trappers Box. Alternatively, most trap suppliers in New Zealand will sell boxes and setting tools that are suitable for the BT 200 Trap.

The traps are shipped in boxes of up to eight traps and come without a wooden or plastic box cover because people tend to prefer to manufacture the boxes themselves.

Is there an affordable DOC 200 trap alternative?

The BT 200 is a proven and affordable alternative to the DOC 200. It is stocked in New Zealand by National Traps.

As mentioned above, the BT 200 Trap has been proven to kill humanely and effectively when tested under international standards by Landcare Research and met the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) guidelines.

National Traps

National Traps is a division of National Springs, born from a desire to contribute in a meaningful way to the conservation of New Zealand’s delicate ecosystem. To this end, we have been supplying traps across New Zealand since 2010 to help Kiwis in their efforts to eradicate introduced predators. Allowing more of our native birds to safely re-enter the spaces they were once forced to flee.

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