Stoat & Ferret Trap

$90.75 +GST

BT 200 Stoat and Rat Trap


Stoat & Ferret Trap

A powerful trap designed in New Zealand and made to last. This NAWAC class A trap humanely eradicates stoats and ferrets in rugged New Zealand conditions!

$90.75 +GST

TARGET SPECIES: Stoats, Ferrets

Ferret & Stoat Traps NZ

The proven BT250 predator trap improves on the design of the DOC250 trap with larger, more powerful springs in order to enhance performance and meet NAWAC testing guidelines for humanely trapping ferrets. The increase in spring wire diameter makes the BT250 significantly stronger but still lighter than the DOC version.

BT 200 Rat and Stoat Trap NZ

Trap Options

BT250SS stoat and ferret trap: Full stainless steel construction to deliver years of trouble-free use in the most demanding coastal conditions.


  • Large and powerful for a humane kill of larger target predators.
  • Every trap is calibrated and tested prior to despatch to ensure correct weight triggering for the target species for maximum effectiveness.
  • Safety bar feature for safe, easy baiting and setting (Sold Separately).
  • Committed to a more sustainable New Zealand, we DO NOT acid-dip our products, but use sustainable glass-bead blasting instead.
  • Shipped in boxes of up to 8 traps.

NAWAC test results

"Every trap is individually tested & calibrated before
dispatch to ensure correct weight triggering."


Independent testing completed by Landcare Research, found the BT250 Trap to pass National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) trap-testing criteria for ferrets with a class A rating.

Because of the powerful springs of this kill trap, the BT250 should be bolted into a trap box that is specifically designed for the target species. Tunnels channel the target species through holes in the mesh created to only allow entry of certain sized mustelids. This protects the public and ensures non-targeted species such as kiwi and kakapo are not harmed.


The BT250 is a very powerful trap. It is highly recommended that this trap be set with a specific setting tool. For your protection, a safety bar is then applied while the trap is baited. The safety bar can  then be removed and the lid fastened to seal the top of the box. Ensure use of the safety bar any time you change the lure. We can supply you with the necessary equipment to make setting your traps easy and safe.

See detailed installation instructions

Setting tool for Trap


Using quality materials in its construction has ensured that the BT250 kill trap is designed to deliver long and trouble-free use. This trap will provide many years of successful trapping provided that it is well cared for. Never activate the trap and allow the jaws to snap against each other as damage may occur.

Trap Safety Wire

BT250 Trap Accessories


Top quality, durable boxes to be used with the BT250 traps and designed to exclude non-target species to protect our native wildlife.

Get tunnel design specifications



Make it easy when setting your BT250 traps. With added leverage when using our BT250 Setting Tool you can set traps with little effort.



Keep your hands and fingers safe when setting and baiting your traps with the safety wire designed specifically for the BT250.  This safety wire holds the trap open while you safely bait your trap and should be used any time you change the lure.

BT250-Trap-Safety-Clip (1)